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Friday, July 11, 2014

Favorite Authors

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July.

This week I wanted to share the names of some of my favorite authors. I don’t have a single favorite—it’s more like several favorites! This list doesn’t include all my faves, but these folks are definitely at the top of the list.

Ø  Jim Butcher does a series called The Dresden Files. I just finished his latest in that series, “Skin Games.” The series is about Harry Dresden, a wizard. While you can read his books out of sequence, I think you would get more out of it if you started at the beginning of Harry’s story with “Storm Front.” He has a second series that I also enjoyed, The Codex Alera.

Ø  Mercedes Lackey has a series based on the world of Valdemar. She does mini-series within this one world, so you can start with any of them and still enjoy her books.

Ø  J. D. Robb, also known as Nora Roberts, does a series called “…in Death.” These are crime/drama/mysteries set in the future starting around 2050. The lead character is a very flawed, but likable young woman who has seen more than her fair share of pain in her life.

Ø  Terry Pratchett is an author from the U.K. He has a wonderful sense of humor that he uses to poke fun at our world. There are 35+ books in the Discworld series. I don’t recall which one he started with, but for the most part you can start anywhere in the series. If you love fantasy books with a heaping side dish of humor, you will definitely enjoy this series.

Ø  Janet Evanovich has a humorous series, too. The Stephanie Plum books are wonderful books, with lots of fast-paced action that will keep you turning pages far into the night. Personally, I’ve been banned from reading these books in bed at night because I wake up the Other Half with my laughing.

Update for The Intergalactic Matchmaking Services:

            For those that have read “Maggie’s Story” please note that there is now a Second Edition out. I hired a fabulous editor, Marcy Kennedy, to go over it. My own self-editing was not up to par, unfortunately. Amazon does not always update books, even if you have that option selected on your account. Simply email them and ask that they send you the updated edition and you will be good to go.
            I didn’t change anything as far as the story line goes, but I did correct the Point of View errors and worked on the Showing vs. Telling issues, too.
            Marcy will be doing a deep editing of “Shirley’s Story,” too. I will keep you posted on when it has been re-published.

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  1. Ava, will the updated version of Maggie's Story say second edition anywhere? How would I know which version I have?

    Interesting list of favorite authors, Robb and Lackey are two favorites of mine as well.

  2. The cover will say second edition when you open the book. Also the title page. The book picture on your kindle shelf may not show the words, though. At least my copy doesn't. Not sure why this is, possibly just an Amazon thing. Just double check the title page...let me know if you have any problems. 😀

  3. Hi Ava, my devices were still showing the first edition of Maggie's story so I emailed amazon and they just updated me to the second edition. As you said, it's only when you open the book that the inside cover and title page say second edition. Maybe amazon will auto update other purchasers after my email, otherwise they should definitely contact amazon.

  4. I love your stories. I look forward to the future installments. Keep up the good work! :)

  5. Thanks! Penny's Story is in the works now. I'm shooting for the beginning of September...we'll see! :)

  6. I loved your stories the first time. I'm sure I'll love the updated one. But I'm still waiting "with baited breath" for the next installment of the stories. ;-)

    Your Fan Susan Morgan

  7. I'm working on Penny's Story now! :) I'm shooting for the beginning of September, so keep your fingers crossed.

  8. Love your books. Can't wait for penny's story.

  9. Thanks for commenting! You are now entered into July's drawing. :)