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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Professor's Tale

Hello Readers!

Sorry for the tardiness of this posting, but I was waiting on Amazon to get another link to me!

I'm happy to announce that "The Professor's Tale: Tales from the Nordonians, Book 1" is now available for purchase.

This is the first of the four short stories I mentioned in a previous posting. "The Professor's Tale" fills in some of the gaps about how the Nordonians came to learn English...and why they speak it with a sexy Gaelic accent.

As I said, this is a short story, coming in about 3,000 words. I'm not used to writing short stories, so it was a nice challenge to get this story out there without a lot of "fluff" to it.

Upcoming Tales will be for Pacer, Mathenzo, and Marko. They will be short stories, too. Please check it out following the link from here. Amazon is still working on the background stuff, to get the book to my Author Page and whatnot.

October Winner

The winner of October's Commenter Contest is Sherry Prince! Congratulations! Sherry, just send me an email stating if you want a "The Road to a Dream" tote bag, a "The Road to a Dream" t-shirt (XXL), or a $10 Amazon gift card. The choice is yours!

Have a great weekend, folks. Remember to leave a comment or suggestion to be put into November's drawing!

Until next time...be kind to each other...and to yourself!

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