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Friday, December 12, 2014


Hello Readers!

Today I would like to introduce you to more of my favorite vendors on Etsy…just in time for that last minute holiday shopping! Online shopping is the only form of shopping I enjoy. Each of these vendors has done a special order for me and have been a joy to work with. Check out the shops…maybe they’ll have something for that special someone in your life.

PIPPENWYCKS:  http://bit.ly/Pippenwycks ... If you are looking for that extra special touch of fantastical, look no further than Pippen’s creations. Each item (creature) I have purchased from her has come with a whimsical story.

DENISEANNETTE: http://bit.ly/DeniseAnnette ... Denise is from Washington, which is my favorite state. She even lives on the same island I used to live on, Whidbey Island. Her glass work is beautiful! I won’t tell you what I purchased from her, because it would spoil the surprise for a Christmas gift I have planned for someone!


LONELYCOYOTE: http://bit.ly/LonelyCoyote ... This vendor makes gorgeous dreamcatchers. The quality and workmanship is absolutely top-notch. She also makes other items that will please anyone on your gift list!


GYPSYRAKU: http://bit.ly/GypsyRaku ... Brittany makes the cutest terrariums! It may be too late for a special order, but be sure to check out her shop for what is in stock.


Thanks for checking in on The Road to a Dream this week. Have a happy and safe weekend.

Until next time…be kind to each other…and to yourself!


  1. As a technology luddite, I enjoyed my first visit to Etsy thanks to your recommendations. I'm going to talk to Pippinworks in January about a bag for my computer that is whimsical but ...doesn't say "wuss."

    More seriously, I worry about anyone going through separation / divorce. My first marriage ended 30+ years ago when my wife found someone new. While the divorce was easy and acrimony-free, I was amazed by my grief and need for emotional support. The support came in odd places, such as the guy in the furniture store (where I went to furnish my new place) who shared his divorce story with me and listened to mine.

    Take time to grieve and don't expect everything to get better quickly.

    On a much lighter note, when your heart is back in it, please write a few more Intergalactic stories. I raced through all 4 in about 4 days.

    Two recent quotes you might like: “Characters who always do everything perfectly make for really lousy stories.” Kevin Inoye, (college instructor, Hollywood stunt double, author), from: Teaching our values, Not our disapprovals, Friends Journal, June 2014.
    "Next to being a mother, I’d have loved to write books.” Nella Last, from: Nella Last's War: The Second World War Diaries of Housewife, 49 (a recent book)

  2. Thanks! I already have book four in my mind. Still mulling over some details before I start on it. And there will be three more short stories to go with The Professor's Tale.

    As for my marital state...I know I deserve better than lies and deceit...so that is helping me through this. Not to mention Favorite Youngest Son asking me to come live with him in AZ. I'm actually starting to look forward to moving! LOL

    Thanks again for the words of encouragement.

  3. As first I wrote a long diatribe comparing AZ to NM, with NM coming out far on top. Then I reminded myself that family is very important. You would have family nearby. So ... that led to my being jealous of you. I loved NM and would going back but ... all of our family except a couple of our sibs are here and the older generation needs us.

    I am absolutely certain you deserve much better than lies and deceit.

  4. Ava: I've gone to 7 am AA meetings for 6+ years. I no longer have any urge to drink but they are a wonderful way to focus before the work day begins.

    One thing I do is think about people in my life in need. You are definitely not "in" my life but your post about deceit reverberates probably due to the length of my marriage. I'm a "higher power" and not a God person, so I haven't 'prayed' for you each morning but I have 'though' of you specifically (and others) each day on the drive in. One day at a time. Jon

    PS Totally unrelated topic. Do you know about BookBub? A free service for readers to find new authors / books. They just rolled out a "follow author" feature. I think I went overboard, adding about 50+ authors including yours.

  5. I get daily emails from BookBub, and enjoy finding free or inexpensive books there. I'll admit to not looking too deeply into it, though. Some days my cup runneth over, LOL.

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