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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Readers!

I hope you are having a great Valentine's Day.

Keeping it short this week. I've made the move to AZ and have almost finished unpacking! Yay! I think moving is for younger folks, personally...*grin*

Take time to give your special Valentine a kiss and hug. My Valentine's Day dates are Mamzell and her brother, Mister. They are currently napping in the cat bed on my desk.

Until next week...be kind to each other...and to yourselves!!


  1. I'm thinking ... chicken burrito, enchilada style, smothered in green hatch chile. Yeah, yeah. I know, too much for one meal. Cut it in half and save some for breakfast, 'cause breakfast burritos are another southwest treat.

    I hope I never see another moving box again although, if the destination were somewhere in northern New Mexico I'd be sorely tempted.

    Glad your "bosses" (Mamzell & Mister!) made the move well. Jon

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