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Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Update and Artist Recommendations

Hello Readers!

Book 3 Update:

I’m keeping it short today. I’m sure you won’t mind, though, when I say it’s due to writing “Penny’s Story.” The end is in sight. There’s the gun, the wounded, and the reveal before the wrap-up. (Teaser!) My plan is to have it completed by Monday and then it will be off to the editor. Marcy won’t be able to start on it until about the 26th of this month and she says she will need it for about three weeks.

I’m really torn about the title, but I will leave it alone. While Penny is the main character, Claire is up there, too. I thought of calling it “The Sisters’ Story” but that didn’t really stick to the model for the rest of the series. Either way, I’m sure fans of Claire and Pacer will be happy to have those two characters playing prominent roles.

If I can figure out how to do a Pre-Order on Amazon, I will do that. That would help boost sales ranking quite a bit. The book should be ready to go live by Thanksgiving, November 27.

September Winner:

The winner for the September commenters on The Road to a Dream blog is H. Harwood. Thank you to all my readers who took the time to leave a comment on my blog site in the month of September.

Ms. Harwood, just contact me via email (AvaLouiseAuthor@yahoo.com) and tell me which prize you would like: a t-shirt with The Road to a Dream logo, a canvas tote bag with The Road to a Dream logo, or a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

I still haven’t heard from the August winner, Ms. Kathryn Treat. Please contact me as soon as you can, please!


I also want to share a couple of vendors with you from my Addiction of Choice, Etsy. I love finding Made In America items that are worthy of sharing.

Artist Kim Detmers operates a shop called ClayByKim (http://bit.ly/ClayByKim). This is the one-stop-shop for your Fairy Portals! Who doesn’t need a little whimsy in their life? Kim uses polymer clay to make Fairy Portals, Badge Reels, Needle Nannies, Needle Tins, Dragon and Mermaid necklaces, among other items. She has a wonderful eye for mixing the vibrant colors of the clay into works of art—a true artistic eye. I find myself haunting her shop several times a day to view her latest postings.


Her shop’s blurb (in part)—

I have always wanted to be an artist. My first paying job was at 16 when I painted a mural on my neighbor’s kitchen wall. Since then I have been a logo designer, painter, muralist, faux finisher, dance instructor and currently I play with clay.

I am a self-taught polymer clay artist and have been dabbling in clay for the last 11 years. I love colors and I am not afraid to use them all. I love how I can just start blending clay with no real plan and see what I can come up with. It is a wonderful journey and I love those happy mistakes that turn into great ideas.

I am so grateful for all of my customers and for the opportunity to be at home with my girls while doing what I love. It has not always been easy but it has been an adventure!

Thank you for choosing handmade and giving this girl the chance to be an "artist."

* * *

The next shop I would like to introduce to you is PhenomeGNOME (http://bit.ly/PhenomeGNOME). Shop owner and artist Mary Ferguson has a true talent to turn concrete—yes, you read correctly—into works of art that are silky smooth. I purchased two items from her shop with the intention of placing them in my front garden. When they arrived, however, I quickly decided I could not let the Minnesota winters and wildlife harm them! Both items are now indoor-only decorations. Touching these creations is like running your hand over silk. They are that smooth. I had no idea concrete could be so wonderfully decorative.

Her shop’s blurb—

Gardens are places of serenity, hope, healing, and, yes, that touch of magic that's so hard to find anywhere else. Fortunately for us, fairies and gnomes don't mind sharing their magical tranquility with us; all they ask in return is a nice place to live, and a little respect.

I understand the needs of the wee folk and offer quality concrete art available in all price ranges. Gnomebody does it better :)

Quality and attention to detail are my specialties! My items are not mass produced - all statues are made as they are ordered. My statues are hand cast using my own special blend of concrete and strengthening components - making my pieces smooth as silk and extremely durable. 

I mix all my ingredients by hand and pour the molds by hand as well. When I remove my statues from their molds -- they go through a rigorous quality inspection. If I find any imperfections caused by air bubbles (which are unavoidable) I sculpt and repair those areas so that you have as close to a perfect statue as possible. My items are all hand painted & sealed (by me) using special products specifically made for outdoor statues.

* * *

Please stop by both shops and see what catches your eye. Both vendors are true artists offering quality merchandise made right in America.

Please feel free to leave a comment/question/suggestion by clicking on the word “Comment” at the end of this posting on The Road to a Dream. All commenters will be in the October drawing! Good Luck!

Until next time…be kind to each other…and to yourself!

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  1. Can't wait for it to come out. Love your books. Love the fairy portals. Will have to check it out.