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Friday, October 10, 2014

What Comes Next?

Hello, Readers! I am happy to report that I have finally finished “Penny’s Story.” This is the third book in the Intergalactic Matchmaking Services. Many thanks to all of you readers that encouraged me along the way in getting this book completed.

Just as I hope “Shirley’s Story” (Book 2) was a little better than “Maggie’s Story” (Book 1), I hope you find “Penny’s Story” even better than the others. I want my growth as a writer to be reflected with each successive story!

I will be sending it to my editor, Marcy Kennedy, shortly. She won’t be able to start on it until the end of the month, but assures me that I am safe in saying I will release “Penny’s Story” on Thanksgiving (U.S. date).

Also, I will keep readers posted through this blog site of when you can purchase the book. I’m hoping to do a Pre-Sale through Amazon. This would greatly influence the book’s ranking.


Next month is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I’m considering participating in it, but I haven’t decided definitively yet.

One project I know I will be doing in a few months is a set of four SHORT STORIES which will be called Tales from the Nordonians. As a matter of fact, I have already purchased covers for each story. There will “Professor Trenton’s Tale” (he is the human the aliens met in WWII and taught them English), “Pacer’s Tale”, “Marko’s Tale”, and “Mathenzo’s Tale.”

Each short story will focus on that person’s life before and during the attack by the Borenites. I don’t have each story fleshed out yet, so I am not sure how long each will be, but I know they will be much shorter than the books in the IMS series.

My more immediate project is to get the writing group up and running. I am hoping to share the encouragement I have received from friends and fans with others. To my knowledge, there are no writing groups in my corner of MN! I hope to fix that and pass along the support. The name of the group will be Southern Minnesota Writer’s Cave.

The next few months will be spent doing some research for a different series I have in mind. If successful, it will be on a larger scale than even the Intergalactic Matchmaking Services series. That would be several months down the road, though. I need to read a pile of books I have purchased on mythological creatures, tarot reading, Wicca, and survival training. Oh, and tattoos. Has that piqued anyone’s curiosity???

I’m also looking forward to catching up on my To-Be-Read “stack” of books (aside from the research books). My Kindle runneth over!

If I find a book I really like I am hoping to introduce the author to my own readers. The difficult part will be turning off my own internal editor.

Please feel free to leave a comment/question/suggestion by clicking on the word “Comment” at the end of this posting on The Road to a Dream. All commenters will be in the October drawing! Good Luck!

Until next time…be kind to each other…and to yourself!


  1. Nice blog entry. I'm really looking forward to "Penny's Story" and the short stories sound interesting. Good luck with your research and happy reading in your free time, you deserve it. Heather :)

  2. Can't wait for penny's story. Well I know what I will be reading over my long holliday break from work.

  3. Cool! Glad you like the books. :)