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Friday, April 10, 2015

Writing Contest Entry

Hello Readers!

I recently entered a writing contest at The Write Practice. I would love to have you stop by, check it out, and leave a comment if you would! The story, Lies & Deceit, is just under 1,000 words and is a snapshot of a “moment” of recent events in my life.

Warning: It has nothing to do with my Sci-Fi/Romance series. It’s a true story; part of the writings for a memoir that I am considering doing. The story reflects some really painful thoughts that came to me at a low period.

The title, Lies &Deceit, may seem a bit odd, but it reflects how I felt at the time. I can handle a lot of things in life, but dishonesty is not one them. Someone asked me what the difference is between lies and deceit.

For me, lies are the untruthful spoken words that leave a person’s mouth. Deceit is action taken that is wrong…like secretly communicating with someone and knowing that action would hurt another person (think sexting for example).

Anyways, a short post this week. I’m hoping to have the new site up and running by next week. Wish me luck!


Until next time…be kind to each other…and to yourselves!


  1. Ava: I'm one week new to Facebook. I couldn't figure out how to comment on your writing context entry there, so I will here.
    As to your heart and your hurt, you have let go of some hurt but I sense that there are more boils on the wound that need to be lanced and the pus drained. If writing is your lance. this is a great start because it so well evokes the loss ... and what you are beginning to find.
    Purely as writing, (other than I quite liked it for the above reason), I was left with two questions: beyond a metaphor, why were the cats still howling after the tranquilizers and ... are you saying that you first learned of the other woman when you overheard X talking to her when you were in the car in the drive way? If not - and I don't think so - you haven't answered Gynda's question. You don't need to for anyone in real life; as a story, I was left with a question.

    With a warm hug from chilly/sunny/gray/beautiful New England, Jon

  2. Thanks for the questions, Jon.

    The cats were still yelling because the tranquilizers were to help them stay calmer than they would be without them (not to knock them out).

    And yes, that is exactly how I learned about her. Her name and number popped up on the digital screen of my car. I went to my meeting and approached him about it after I got home. He tried lying, but I saw it and called him on it.

    Clear as mud now? LOL.

    Ava (and Mamzell & Mister)

  3. Mud. His name is mud.

    Technology and what it can do that I had no idea about. In about 2 minutes my daughter had pictures of each family member than pop up on my phone when the person calls. Who knew?

    Back to the mud. You got a really lousy deal. Nothing could, or probably should, sugar coat it.
    Once again, I'm thinking positively for/about you and wondering how you are doing.

    The cats are a blessing. The clichéd cartoon line in the bubble above the cat's head applies: "Pet the cat(s); you'll feel better." Jon